It is our second week of Fine Arts! Reminder: you can find your Zoom link and schedule on your Google Classroom.

This Week’s Lesson: Fancy Farms Animals

This week, students will learn how to draw four different common farm animals – a cow, a pig, a sheep, and a chicken – and use their imagination to dress up their animals in whatever fashion their mind creates. All they need is paper and their favorite drawing implement, such as colored pencils or crayons. Due to the restrained time limit, we may only get to one animal, but I plan on posting instructional videos on how to do each animal this week on the new YouTube channel.

This weekend I started the new YouTube channel Art with Katie Cordy . This is still a work in progress, but you can sneak a peek at a fancy bovine at a ball there. Soon, each week’s lesson will be posted there, as well as tutorials that I won’t have time for in class. Each lesson will have full instructions, unlike the test video. Please be patient as I set this up. I hope this can be a resource for students unable to come to the live lessons, or for those who wish to repeat the lesson.

Your Fine Arts Google Classroom now has access to Flipgrid, where students can share their art. This is completely optional and does not affect their grade, but I encourage students to show off their creativity to others.

Newsletter: September 21-24th, 2020
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