If they want, students may now share their artwork on Flipgrid through their Google Classroom. The link can be found under “Classwork” in “The Most Important.” This is not a requirement and does not affect their grade, but rather encourages students to have a safe, moderated place to interact and share their artwork.

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a free video discussion program by Microsoft designed to allow students and educators to present information and materials. It is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and is commonly used across grades and subjects by teachers teaching virtually and in-person. Without the specific code and a CUSD email, students cannot join, ensuring privacy. Flipgrid allows me to moderate each and every video before allowing to it to be seen by other students, so that content remains school appropriate.

Why Use Flipgrid?

Students normally would be able to share their artwork in-person with their friends, as well as showcase their art on the school bulletin boards. However, this year makes that difficult. Flipgrid allows students to share their own work, as well as view the artwork of their peers. This encourages pride in their work, improves presentation and communication skills, and provides interaction with classmates virtually.

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