Fine arts begins this week!

Until supplies arrive for everyone, for now we will be working with common items. This week we will be learning about and practicing one of the building blocks of art: lines. Without this key element of art, it is difficult to move into more challenging pieces. It also serves as a nice warm-up, since I am sure many of us are a wee rusty. For this lesson, students will need a piece of paper (preferably white to show more colors), a pen/pencil, and the coloring medium of their choice (markers/crayons/colored pencils recommended).

At the top of the Fine Arts Google Classroom is a list called “Classwork.” Under this, you can find “The Most Important”, which includes the schedule (also included with this), how to contact me, and, most importantly, the ZOOM LINK! This Zoom Link will be for the entire year.

Newsletter: September 14-17th, 2020
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